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Traditional Thai massage.

Thai massage is a several thousand years old massage form.
The Thai massage is a pressure point massage with stretching exercises.

Thai massage works on the energy pathways in the body so that blockages are reduced or eliminated.

The pressure points  are stimulated so that the energy in the body can flow freely again.

The massage is given out of love and respect for the customer.

The massage is intended for everyone. For people who suffer from:

                               - back, neck and shoulder complaints.
                               - stress.
                               - fatigue.
                               - stiff and tight muscles and joints.
                               - headaches.


relaxation massage

We also provide an oil massage.
This massage is a relaxation / sports massage. This massage loosens the muscles. The oil I use warms the muscles. If one has pain in the muscles, hot cream is applied to the affected area on request before going home.


Erotic massage
Pamper yourself and let yourself be carried away with this sensual massage.

Your masseuse takes you into a world of sensual caresses and titillating touches.

The girl will  give you a wonderful body to body.

With her oiled body and hands she will eventually bring you literally and figuratively to a wonderful climax.

4-hands massage

This is a massage with two people who are well attuned to each other.

The combination of 4 hands works deeper in body and mind and is very suitable for people with stress complaints or when it has all become a bit too much. Make time for yourself and your health, because investing in your health is an investment for the longer term!

Close your eyes and experience the sensation of four hands exploring all parts of your body, all while enjoying soothing Eastern music.

Nuru Massage
Experience the super erotic Nuru Massage with one of our girls.
Click on the photo for more about this fantastic massage.
Thai foot massage

Thai foot massage is an alternative medicine that is said to activate the natural healing process and the energy flow of the body.

With Thai foot massage, the pressure points on the sole of the foot are stimulated with a massage stick.

One of the main goals of this form of foot massage is to reduce physical and psychological tension.

It improves blood flow, activates the organs and stimulates the nerves.

The Thai foot massage is built up with rubbing movements over the entire foot to warm up the foot, followed by light kneading and acupressure. The human organs such as the heart, lungs, stomach, intestines and kidneys can be found on the sole of the foot in the form of meridians.

In this view, the sole of the foot is seen as the mirror of the body.

This massage is often experienced as pleasant. Some people feel tingling and prickling.

In some cases a (slight) painful stimulus can be felt, which would indicate a blockage of the energy flow.
By gently pressing and massaging these points, a blockage could be reduced or removed.


The promotional price for a traditional or erotic massage is:

60 minutes: 80 €
30 minutes: 50 €

The costs for a 4 hands massage (2 girls) are € 160, - per hour.
Couples 2x
  € 80,- but of course an extra luxurious large room.

Nuru € 130 per hour.


Tantra Massage :

€70 for half an hour.

€100 for an hour

Of course you can also stay longer with the masseuse of your choice.

Couples are also very welcome, couples and ladies  please make a reservation!



We are open from Monday to Saturday between 10 a.m. and 10 p.m.


Be sure to visit us for a wonderful body treatment.


You can drop by for a massage between hours without obligation or make a reservation by phone.

ATTENTION: If you want to come for a massage as a woman or couple, this is only possible by telephone appointment.

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